2005-2011 PPW MP3 Collection

Get each year of the Annual PPW Conference MP3's, or collect the whole set and save over $50, plus save on shipping!

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PPW Conference Collection - 2005-2011 (MP3)
PPW Conference Collection - 2005-2011 (MP3)
Get each year of the Annual PPW Conference MP3's from 2005-2011 and save over $50, plus save on shipping!
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  • PPW 2005

    – MP3 Audio: Jack Scott, William Bell and Don K. Preston

2005 PPW Front MP3Regular Price: $19.95 


The theme was Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together, and the speakers took the audience from Genesis to Revelation, demonstrating the nature, the timing, the framework, and the fulfillment of God’s Scheme of Redemption!

Topics included:

  • Man, Sin and Death
  • The Time and Framework of the Last Days
  • Can God Tell Time?
  • The Time and Framework for the Passing of the Law
  • Will This World Come to And End
  • An Examination of 2 Peter 3…….and much, much more, including a Q&A session.

  • PPW 2006

    – MP3 Audio: (Eschatology in the Parables) William Bell, Larry Siegle, and Don K. Preston

2006 PPW  Front MP3Regular Price: $24.95 


This was the very first preterist seminar to focus on the eschatology of the parables of Jesus. Yet, the parables serve as the foundation for the gospel itself, even underlying the message of Revelation!

One of the most anticipated lessons of the seminar was Don K. Preston’s Jesus’ Last And Greatest Parable. In the weeks leading up to the seminar a flow of emails and phone calls from Bible students attempted to identify that Last and Greatest Parable. Not one person correctly identified it!! You don’t want to miss this presentation or any of the other excellent lessons from the Fifth Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend !

  • PPW 2007 

    – MP3 Audio: (The Eschatology of the Book of Hebrews) Jack Scott, William Bell, Larry Siegle, and Don K. Preston

2007 PPW Front MP3Regular Price: $24.95 


Needless to say, the book of Hebrews is one of the most significant and powerful eschatological books in all of scripture, and yet, interestingly, it is greatly ignored by many of the futurist paradigms.


  • PPW 2008

    – MP3 Audio: (The Resurrection of the Dead)

2008 PPW Front MP3Regular Price: $24.95 


To our knowledge, there has never been a preterist seminar devoted solely to a discussion of the resurrection. Needless to say, this is a critical doctrine, and is normally the “last peg” to fall into place for those studying preterism. It is also the issue that opponents of Covenant Eschatology like to attack, since, as they like to say, “The graveyards are still full, therefore the resurrection has not occurred!”

There are currently several differing and disparate views of the resurrection circulating in the preterist community. And, while all preterists agree that the resurrection prophecies came into a reality at the end of the Old Covenant age in A.D. 70, there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the nature and specific preAD70 timing of the resurrection. A few of the different concepts of the resurrection currently circulating involve:

  • The Death of the Garden, the death to be overcome in Christ, was physical death. Man only began to die when he ate the fruit, but did not die for 900+ years.
  • The Believer is “resurrected” when/after they die physically. The Believer currently does not have truly eternal life, but receives that at death
  • There was a physical rapture in A.D. 70.
  • There remains a resurrection in the future, because the millennium began in A. D. 70. This is not, in the truest sense of the word, a preterist position, but is a futurist view. However, some who call themselves preterists nonetheless espouse this.
  • The resurrection of the dead is not directly related theologically to the end of the Mosaic Covenant.
  • If the resurrection has become a reality, then all men are automatically saved, i.e. the doctrine of universalism.
  • The resurrection and the parousia of Christ were not historical events, but, are fulfilled solely in the individual lives of believers when they are converted to Christ.
  • Is the resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15 corporate or individual?

  • PPW 2009

    – MP3 Audio: (The Resurrection and the Millennium) Larry Siegle, Jerel Kratt, Jack Scott, William Bell, and Don Preston.

2009 PPW Front MP3Price: $24.95 


This year’s conference focused on the resurrection and how it relates to the first century end of the millennium. With so many views of the millennium the speakers focused on demonstrating that the millennium ended in the first century, and is focused on the consummation of God’s promises to Israel.  Speakers include:

  • The Millennium as the Hope of Israel– Larry Siegle
  • The Transition from Flesh to Spirit– Jerel Kratt
  • 1 Corinthians 15 and Revelation 20, Resurrection and the Millennium– Jack Scott
  • The Millennium: Past, Present or Future, an exposition of Ephesians– William Bell

Three lessons on 1 Thessalonians from his upcoming book. Also, Preston presented a critique of Kenneth Gentry’s Revised (2009), He Shall Have Dominion book, in which he condemns true preterists as heretics.

  • PPW 2010

    – MP3 Audio: (The Eschatology of 1 & 2 Peter) Jerel Kratt, David Curtis, William Bell, Tony Denton, and Don Preston.

2010 PPW Front MP3Price: $24.95 


The epistles written by the apostle Peter are deeply eschatological. Set within a context of intense persecution, both epistles promised relief and reward from that persecution, and the fulfillment of the OT prophet hope, at the soon coming parousia (presence) of Jesus.

  • PPW 2011

    – MP3 Audio: (Passing of Torah at the Cross or AD70?) Tony Denton, Rod MacArthur, Larry Siegle, William Bell, Jack Scott, Don Preston, and Marty Angelo.

2011 PPW Front MP3Price: $24.95 


This topic is of tremendous importance. All futurist eschatologies claim that the Law of Moses ended at the Cross. Yet, they then turn and appeal to the Law of Moses for their futurist eschatology! To say the least, this is a huge self-contradiction.

All futurist eschatologies posit eschatological fulfillment at the end of the Christian age. Yet, Biblically, the coming of the Lord, the judgment and resurrection belong to the end of the Old Covenant age. This critical oversight and distortion of the Biblical truth on the part of futurist eschatologies lies at the root of most of the confusion in modern day eschatological discussions.

Lamentably, others claim that the Law of Moses ended at the cross, but that the Mosaic age ended in AD 70! However, there can be no age without the Law in which the Old Covenant still exists! Thus, if Torah ended at the cross, then the Mosaic age ended at the Cross, and that demands an eschatological fulfillment divorced from Israel– and this is eminently un-Biblical!  Speakers include:

  • Tony Denton – Torah and Hebrews
  • Rod MacArthur – The Song of Moses and the end of Torah.
  • Larry Siegle – The Last Days Work of the Spirit in Covenant Transformation
  • William Bell – Colossians 2:16f and Romans 10:4 – Christ is the end of the Law – Does Paul say that Torah was nailed to the Cross?
  • Jack Scott – End of the Law
  • Don K. Preston – Israel’s Festal Calendar and the End of Torah, and, The Sabbath and the End of Torah

Marty Angelo author of Once Life Matters gave a special presentation.