2013 Preston vs Gregg Debate

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Preston vs. Gregg Debate DVD's
Preston vs. Gregg Debate DVD's
The “preterist” (meaning “fulfilled”) view of Bible prophecy is the fastest growing view of “last things” (eschatology). Dr. Preston does not believe that we are in the last days, or that the Christian age will ever end. Steve Gregg believes that time and the Christian age will end one day in the future. Both Preston and Gregg are highly respected scholars in their respective communities. They both hold to preterist understandings of Scripture, but Dr. Preston holds to a full preterist or complete fulfillment paradigm, while Mr. Gregg holds to a partial preterist or partial fulfillment paradigm. This promised to be a gentlemanly, honorable, challenging and exciting exchange, and both men are to be commended for entering into a lively discussion on the issue at hand (not to be confused with some time in the distant future…pun intended!). Attendees commented repeatedly on the friendliness of the discussions and what a wonderful learning environment that this created. It truly was a “gentleman’s debate” if ever there was one. Gregg and Preston discussed a lot of topics, including Thessalonians, Hermeneutics, Resurrection, and much, much more!
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