2013 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend Mp3 Download

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This audio series is available as a digital download through the store at BibleProphecy.com or DonKPreston.com and eschatology.org

The annual PPW Conference in 2013 included some truly amazing lectures on the significance of the Temple within the Bible! It is sometimes difficult for modern readers of the Bible to grasp the power and meaning of “temple imagery and language” as the ancient writers understood it. There is perhaps nothing that conveyed “life” more than this concept. The Old Covenant prophets foretold the time when God would dwell among the people in the New Covenant Tabernacle – in the resurrection world.

The speakers at the 2013 PPW Conference included Dr. Don K. Preston, Pastor David Curtis, William Bell, Larry Siegle, Oscar Miles, and Rod MacArthur. They tackled concepts dealing with the Temple and the Garden, the Tabernacle of God, and Dr. Preston revealed some truly groundbreaking material on the relationship between Israel’s Feast Days and Daniel’s 70 Weeks!