2014 PPW The Body Of Christ (Mp3 Download)

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In 2012 Dr. Don K. Preston engaged leading futurist theologians at the Criswell College “Future Kingdom” conference, on the topic of the Millennium.  During this conference Dr. Preston was asked about the nature of the Body of Christ as it related to the resurrection, and the Great Hope of every Christian.  To them, this presented a major problem for preterists; speficially full preterists.


PPW 2014 was dedicated to exploring and refuting the claims of futurists that if you deny that Jesus still exists in a 5’5″ Jewish man’s physical glorified body, that you are involved in believing blasphemous heresy that denies one of the fundamental truths of our Christian heritage and hope.  They claim that Jesus must have the same body when he comes “in like manner” (Acts 1:9-11) that he left with at the ascension.
Don’t miss a single minute of this PPW conference as the guest speakers tackle and deal with the accusations, and we explain the pre and post resurrection BODY OF CHRIST!