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One Root, One Kingdom – All Nations!: A Refutation of The Charge of “Replacement Theology”

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Dispensationalism insists that the calling of the Gentiles into the Body of Christ was never a part of God’s original plan for Israel and the kingdom. It was never foretold by Israel’s prophets. We are told that the Jewish rejection of the kingdom offer resulted in the postponement of God’s dealings with Israel. At the rapture, God will remove the church from the earth and resume His exclusive dealings with Israel. We are told that the promises of God to Israel were not God’s promises to the Gentiles in the church and that it is critical to keep the two entities separate. To say that God’s promises to Israel are fulfilled in Christ and the church is, we are assured, the worst sort of “Replacement Theology.” It is “anti-Semitic.” But, is this true? In this stunningly powerful, extremely well documented, in-depth study of Israel, her promises, and the calling of the Gentiles, prolific author Dr. Don K. Preston shows that the apostle Paul affirmed repeatedly that his one hope, his entire gospel, was nothing but the hope of Israel found in Moses, the law and the prophets. And, he stated in the clearest terms that the calling of the Gentiles was in fulfillment of Israel’s Old Testament promises- not a sign of God’s postponement or withdrawal of those promises! The grafting of the Gentiles into the “root” of Israel was always– always – a foundational element of God’s promises to Israel! Thus, the charge of “Replacement Theology” leveled against non-Dispensationalists, is shown to be false and un-Biblical! This book, like no other, magnifies the Body of Christ and the Gospel of Christ as the eternal purpose of God.