Elijah Has Come

The Messenger of Malachi (Elijah) has come! This is proof that prophecy was fulfilled in the first century.

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Romans 11:25-27 continues to be one of the most challenging of all of Paul’s writings. Did he predict a yet future salvation of the mass of ethnic Jews at the “Second Coming of Christ” at the end of the current age? What did he mean “all Israel”?

In this unparalleled and unprecedented new work, Dr. Preston sets before the reader some incredible facts – facts that virtually all scholars seemingly admit to – but, Preston shows how those admitted facts are never connected to Romans 11! This is stunning!

One of those facts is the critical, incredible importance of the mission of John the Baptizer, as The Voice of Isaiah 40, as The Messenger of Malachi 3 and as Elijah of Malachi 4. Virtually all scholars admit these connections, but, they never tie John’s mission — which was indubitably the salvation of Israel – with Romans!

What Dr. Preston does in this work is to “connect the dots” between John’s ministry and Romans 11, in a way that is not found in any of the literature. And yet, when you read this work, you will be stunned at the simplicity, the power and the undeniable nature of the connections! You may well find yourself asking “How in the world have the scholars overlooked this?”

Through careful exegesis of both OT and NT texts, and convincing logical argumentation, Dr. Preston shows us that John’s role was to initiate the “restoration of Israel.” While scholars say his death prevented success of his ministry, Preston’s in-depth discussion of how martyr vindication is a foundational element of the eschatological narrative shows how that claim is in fact wrong. John did not fail!

In his investigation of John, Dr. Preston provides continuing documentation of the Bible truth of Torah To Telos, that is, the Biblically, the eschatological consummation belongs at the end (telos) of the Old Covenant Age of Israel that arrived with the dissolution of Jerusalem and the Temple in AD 70. This book is Vol. III, in Dr. Preston’s series on Torah To Telos.

There is not another book like this, anywhere. You will be surprised, however, at how powerful, how thorough, how convincingly Preston has presented his case. One thing is for certain: you will never look at John the Baptizer in the same way. Not only that, you may very well never think of Biblical eschatology in the same way either!

This book sheds brilliant light on one of the most perplexing Bible texts, making it now more understandable than ever!


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