He Came as a Thief

Was the thief coming of Jesus really supposed to happen without warning? Would Christians and Jesus' disciples be completely in the dark about the timing and manner of this event? Learn more for only $4.95!

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Christ’s coming is to be “as a thief in the night” and this means that there could be no signs – so we are told. In contrast, Jesus’ first century judgment coming against Jerusalem was signaled by a host of signs. Thus, Christ’s Thief Coming is a major argument to prove that Jesus’ coming could not have been in the first century judgment of Old Covenant Jerusalem. But is this true? Is Christ’s Thief Coming a sign-less Rapture, while his Second Coming is indicated by signs? Are there actually two comings of the Lord predicted in the New Testament?

In this important work, prolific author Don K. Preston proves that the traditional arguments about Jesus’ Thief Coming are not based on the solid reading of Scripture, but false assumptions. Preston shows, from clear-cut, positive statements of inspiration, that Jesus’ Thief Coming was to occur, in the first century, in the judgment of Old Covenant Jerusalem. This book dispels a lot of confusion, provides positive Biblical teaching, and helps the reader to better understand what Jesus meant when he said he was coming “as a thief in the night.” You do not want to be without this helpful and powerful book!


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