Re-Thinking End Times 2013

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Re-Thinking End-Times Seminar 2013
Re-Thinking End-Times Seminar 2013
In 2013 Don K. Preston of PRI and Harold Eberle of Worldcast Ministries met for a formal discussion of end times and what is known as “eschatology.” What ensued was lively debate, friendly discussions, and Q&A sessions that fostered a mutually beneficial environment for all to learn from. Both Don and Harold tackled questions about the last days, is Jesus coming back, what does the future hold, and what does all this mean for us today? Dr. Preston defended the full preterist position (known as fulfilled eschatology or Covenant Eschatology), while Mr. Eberle defended the partial preterist position. If you’re looking for a vibrant interaction between two very knowledgeable men of God who are well informed about this important theological subject, then this is the DVD set for you!
Price: $29.95
Price: $24.95