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Dispensationalism insists that the calling of the Gentiles into the Body of Christ was never a part of God’s original plan for Israel and the kingdom. It was never foretold by Israel’s prophets. We are told that the Jewish rejection of the kingdom offer resulted in the postponement of God’s dealings with Israel. At the rapture, God will remove the church from the earth and resume His exclusive dealings with Israel. We are told that the promises of God to Israel were not God’s promises to the Gentiles in the church and that it is critical to keep the two entities separate.

With the rise of Dispensational theology there has also been a modern surge in charismatic, pentecostal, and new age type beliefs that permeate our culture. These beliefs have led to a number of emotionalistic revivals and a fervor for God that seems legitimate from an experiential point of view, but in the end is little more than manipulative brainwashing and dysfunctional behavior by Christians who are simply ignorant to the reality of this modern doctrine.

Hits: 40Mp3 Audio: (Passing of Torah at the Cross or Ad70?). Speakers: Tony Denton, Rod MacArthur, Larry Siegle, William Bell, Jack Scott, Don Preston.—- This topic is of tremendous importance. All futurist eschatologies claim that the Law of Moses ended… Continue Reading…

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