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Seal Up Vision And Prophecy

For only $7.95, examine the evidence for Daniel’s 70 Weeks having first century fulfillment, which includes the time of sealing up all vision and prophecy (the charismata).

September-October 3-Book Special

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Seventy Weeks Are Determined For The Resurrection Seal Up Vision and Prophecy Elijah Has Come

Path to Understanding (Bundle)

We have assembled a short list of books written by Don K. Preston geared for the person who is new to Covenant Eschatology, also known as Preterism.
This collection is what Don believes to be the perfect place to start for all who are new to Preterism This list includes:

Book Title Regular Single Price
Can God Tell Time?
Can You Believe Jesus Said This?Last Days Identified

Like Father, Like Son on Clouds of Glory

Who is This Babylon?

The Elements Shall Melt

We Shall Meet Him in the Air

Have Heaven and Earth Passed Away?

The Death of Adam, Life of Christ

Seal Up Vision and Prophecy











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