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  • Acts and the Restoration of Israel – On CD

    51 Lesson Series - Remastered
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  • Early Bird DVD Discount

    If you aren't able to attend the PPW Conference with us, you can still take advantage of the Early Bird Discount rate of only $39.95, plus shipping per DVD!  That's $5.00 OFF THE REGULAR PRICE if you order before May 31st!

  • 1st Peter Video Download - 20 videos

    1st Peter Video Study Lessons – On Disc

    1 Peter is saturated with the verbiage, the themes and the motifs of Daniel 9:24-27. And if that is true- and it is- it means that the eschatological consummation being anticipated by Peter, i.e. the resurrection, was truly, objectively imminent when Peter wrote! Don Preston presents this series of 1st Peter in a clear and concise way - though not exhaustive. This product comes in 8 Video Discs of mp4 format, and includes an attractive video assortment case.

  • Re-Thinking The End Times 2013

    If you’re looking for a vibrant interaction between two very knowledgeable men of God who are well informed about this important theological subject, then this is the DVD set for you!

  • John The Baptizer - DVD

    John The Baptizer – DVD

    What relationship does John the Baptizer have with the end of the Mosaic Law? Everything! In this video I show that it is critical to understand John's message as the Messenger proclaiming the coming Great and Terrible Day of the Lord-- in application of Mosaic Covenant Wrath. Powerful stuff here!

  • How Should We Then Live - DVD

    How Should We Then Live – DVD

    If Christ came in AD 70, does that mean that there are no ethical or moral requirements today? Some say so, but, this is clearly wrong! What are the requirements of holiness? Does grace mitigate and allow any conduct at all? Some have mistakenly-- and tragically-- fallen into the same trap as the antinomians of the first century.

  • Ezekiel 38, 39 Gog Magog War

    Ezekiel 38, 39 Gog Magog War

    This 2 Disc DVD Series is in response to several requests, I will begin a series on Gog and Magog, the prediction of Ezekiel 38-39. Dispensationalists insist that true preterists cannot answer the challenge of Gog and Magog.

  • McDurmon Preston Debate

    McDurmon Preston Debate DVD

    In July, 2012 Dr. Don K. Preston of “The Preterist Research Institute” (PRI) sponsored a conference dealing with prophecy and eschatology, in which a debate was held featuring himself and Joel McDurmon from American Vision (a Gary DeMar ministry).  This was an excellent conference, with featured speakers William Bell of All Things Fulfilled Ministries, Rod MacArthur - Pastor of Church of Auburn, and Stephen Temple - Author of "Mother of Harlots," who each spoke on Friday morning through the afternoon. The Thursday and Friday evening featured event included the exchange between Dr. Preston and Joel McDurmon.  Each man gave affirmative and negative presentations in support of their view, or in opposition to their opponent.  Joel McDurmon argued for the future return of Jesus and an attendant Resurrection of the Dead, while Dr. Preston argued for the preterist view of an AD70 fulfillment of the coming of the Lord and Resurrection.  Then, in the highlight of the conference, Dr. Preston and Joel engaged in a lively and spirited Q&A session Saturday morning which lasted almost three hours!  This was a very enlightening exchange and one that you will definitely want to see and hear!