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  • Before Jerusalem Fell

    Contrary to many popular writers today, the Book of Revelation was NOT written in the 90’s AD. Learn from Kenneth Gentry in this significant work why the evidence points to a pre-AD70 dating for the book, which means that most of it’s contents are about the fall of Jerusalem and surrounding events, not the distant future.

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  • Can You Believe Jesus Said This?

    SOME OF JESUS’ MOST CHALLENGING WORDS! Jesus’ prediction of his coming in judgment and the kingdom,recorded in Matthew 16:27-28 are some of the most challenging words to ever come from the Master’s lips. Why? Because he said he was coming in the lifetime of that audience that was standing there at that moment! DID JESUS FULFILL THAT PROMISE, OR DID HE FAIL? Skeptics, the Jews, and the Muslims say Jesus failed, and consequently, he cannot be the Son of God, and the Bible is not inspired. This is a serious problem, that has plagued the church for literally two millennia!

    Unfortunately, the tradition responses are not solid, contextual answers based on the text, and the skeptics know it! There has to be a better answer! What is the answer? Is there an answer that maintains faith in Jesus, and the inspiration of Scripture? Yes!! Jesus kept his word! Jesus did come in judgment and the kingdom, in the lifetime of that first century generation! Can You Believe, gives positive, contextual, irrefutable proof that Jesus did not fail, and that the Bible’s predictions can be trusted. This book will equip you to give an answer to those who call Jesus a failure!

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  • Christianity's Great Dilemma

    John Glen Hill as he takes you through the major dilemma facing the modern church; unfulfilled prophecy and failed predictions by modern teachers. For only $12.95, Glenn dispels the myths taught by many in the modern churches today, and explains a number of topics to show why prophecy is in fact fulfilled, and not as modern teachers would have you believe.

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  • Essays on Eschatology

    Join Sam Dawson as he takes you through a gambit of topics related to eschatology and last things. Only $24.95 for this 500+ page book!

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  • Marrying and Giving in Marriage...In the New Creation?

    Hits: 241Opponents of Covenant Eschatology argue that Jesus said there would be no marrying in the New Creation. Preterists say we are in the New Creation, but, preterists are married! This proves – supposedly – that preterists are wrong! Problem is, this argument is absolutely self defeating! Did you know that Amillennialists and Postmillennialists alike …

    Marrying and Giving in Marriage…In the New Creation?Read More

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  • The eschatological resurrection is posited as the solution to the “Death of Adam” i.e. the Death that came into the world the very day that Adam sinned. So, what was that death? The majority of believers say it was physical death. But, there is a massive and fatal problem here.


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  • The Hymenaean Heresy: Reverse the Charges!

    This book includes some of the material of the earlier work, but is much, much more. It shows how badly misguided it is when futurists accuse full preterists of the Hymenaean Heresy.

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  • The Last Enemy & The Triumph of Christ

    Is the last enemy of Christ under His feet? Is the end in the past, or our future? Find out here for only $7.95!

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  • PPW Donate Option 1



    If you think you understand the Bible doctrine of the resurrection, you need to read this book! If you think that we must follow the creeds and church history, you need to read this book! If you believe in a future view of the last things, you need to read this book!

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  • We Shall Meet Him in the Air

    This major work interacts with the leading opponents of Covenant Eschatology, i.e. preterism, Kenneth Gentry and Keith Mathison.  This book is a powerful response and refutation of Gentry’s revised (2009) He Shall Have Dominion, and Mathison’s tome, From Age To Age, the Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology (2009).  Preston carefully, logically and powerfully answers the critics.  This material is not found anywhere else!

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