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  • Can God Tell Time - Don K. Preston

    This powerful little book proves that when God used time words in his predictions, he used words that were understandable and able to be interpreted by man’s standards. Preston dismisses the myth that God spoke of time in “his” time language, and the whole idea that we should understand God’s timing in light of “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years.”
    This book qualifies for our Beginner in Preterism series.

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  • Can You Believe Jesus Said This?

    SOME OF JESUS’ MOST CHALLENGING WORDS! Jesus’ prediction of his coming in judgment and the kingdom,recorded in Matthew 16:27-28 are some of the most challenging words to ever come from the Master’s lips. Why? Because he said he was coming in the lifetime of that audience that was standing there at that moment! DID JESUS FULFILL THAT PROMISE, OR DID HE FAIL? Skeptics, the Jews, and the Muslims say Jesus failed, and consequently, he cannot be the Son of God, and the Bible is not inspired. This is a serious problem, that has plagued the church for literally two millennia!

    Unfortunately, the tradition responses are not solid, contextual answers based on the text, and the skeptics know it! There has to be a better answer! What is the answer? Is there an answer that maintains faith in Jesus, and the inspiration of Scripture? Yes!! Jesus kept his word! Jesus did come in judgment and the kingdom, in the lifetime of that first century generation! Can You Believe, gives positive, contextual, irrefutable proof that Jesus did not fail, and that the Bible’s predictions can be trusted. This book will equip you to give an answer to those who call Jesus a failure!

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  • Explore the biblical language of “heaven and earth” while discovering how it was related to the Old Covenant world, and not the physical, natural cosmos! Only $5.95!

    This book qualifies for our Beginner in Preterism series.

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  • In Flaming Fire

    Did the first century Christians get the relief from persecution that they were promised? Judgment was promised to come upon those people guilty of persecuting them, and those Christians were promised to get relief. When would this relief and judgment come? $3.95.
    This book qualifies for our Beginner in Preterism series.

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  • Like Father Like Son - On Clouds of Glory

    Now for only $19.95 you can discover the truth about the nature of the return of Christ. Was it supposed to be with a physical body, returning on literal clouds, to return to planet earth to rule on a new physical throne? Discover why the answer is a resounding NO!

    This book qualifies for our Beginner in Preterism series.

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  • We have assembled a short list of books written by Don K. Preston geared for the person who is new to Covenant Eschatology, also known as Preterism.
    This collection is what Don believes to be the perfect place to start for all who are new to Preterism This list includes:

    Book Title | Regular Single Price
    Can God Tell Time? 2.95

    Can You Believe Jesus Said This? 2.95

    Last Days Identified 11.95

    Like Father Like Son on Clouds of Glory 24.95

    Who is This Babylon? 22.95

    The Elements Shall Melt 17.95

    We Shall Meet Him in the Air 23.95

    Have Heaven and Earth Passed Away? 5.95

    The Death of Adam, Life of Christ 19.95

    Seal Up Vision and Prophecy 9.50

    You may buy these separately or here as a bundle.

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  • The Last Days Identified - Don K Preston

    If you are tired of all the false predictions and failed expectations, this book is for you. If you want solid, logical, but above all Scriptural answers about the Last Days, this book is for you! If you want to face the future, liberated from fear, this book is for you!

    Don K. Preston is the author of several popular books on preterist eschatology, including Can God Tell Time (four reprints) and Who Is This Babylon? an acclaimed work on Revelation. HE is a popular speaker, radio host, and debater.
    This book qualifies for our Beginner in Preterism series.

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