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  • Views: 254Since the beginning of the modern Preterist movement there has not been a single work like this one to date. Dr. Don K. Preston reveals the often misunderstood mystery behind one of the most significant texts in all of prophetic Scripture. In Like Manner is a groundbreaking study of Acts 1:9-11, the famous passage …

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  • 51 Lesson Series – Remastered

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  • Like Father Like Son - On Clouds of Glory

    Now for only $24.95 you can discover the truth about the nature of the return of Christ as narrated by Don K. Preston. Was it supposed to be with a physical body, returning on literal clouds, to return to planet earth to rule on a new physical throne? Discover why the answer is a resounding NO!

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  • Purchase the entire set here for only $314.95!

    The Preterist Research Institute is pleased to now offer each of the MP3 Topical Studies in a whole new design, and as a packaged collection! This offer has never been featured like this before, and it includes all of Dr. Don K. Prestons most popular audio lectures, lessons, and presentations to date. This set features hundreds of hours of non-stop biblical teaching and training, and includes the following titles:

    • Acts and the Restoration of Israel – 51 Lessons
    • Eschatology and the Holy Spirit – 16 Lessons
    • Feasting or Fasting? – 3 Part Study
    • He Came as a Thief! – 4 Lessons
    • Hosea & The Resurrection – 30 Lessons
    • The Hymenaen Heresy – 6 Lessons
    • Israel: Key to Understanding End Times – 8 Lessons
    • John the Immerser – 11 Lessons
    • On Clouds of Glory – 22 Hour Study
    • The Parables of Jesus – 32 Lessons
    • Revelation 101 – 12 Lessons
    • Romans 11:7, The Hope of Israel (Part 1) – 7 Lessons
    • Romans 11:25, All Israel Shall Be Saved (Part 2) – 7 Lessons
    • The Lord’s Supper – 6 Part Series
    • Book of Philippians – Topical Study
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    As Paul sat in prison, he penned one of the most inspiring of all of his epistles.  In spite of an unjust imprisonment, the letter we know as Philippians (only four short chapters) long, contains the Greek word for “joy” 16 times!  How in the world could Paul have expressed so much joy in the horrible circumstance of a Roman dungeon?  The secret to Paul’s triumphant attitude was that he knew “No Matter What Happens” neither the Romans or the Jews, or anyone, could take from him what really mattered — his eternal relationship, and reward, in Christ!  Can we join Paul today in saying, “No matter What Happens,” we too can and WILL overcome negative circumstances in our lives?  Yes, we can!  In this inspiring, comforting, and challenging series of lessons, Dr. Don K. Preston shares the message of Philippians that motivated and comforted Paul during his imprisonment.  Preston shows that the principles that served as the foundation for Paul’s indomitable spirit are the same principles that can see us through any situation, “No Matter What Happens.”  If you want a lesson that will strengthen your faith, give purpose to your life, and that will motivate you to live a greater life for the Lord, then this is the series for you!

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  • When Did – Or Will- The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 Come to an End?
    Don K. Preston (D. Div.)

    Don has produced 21, mp3 audio lectures (42 min. length avg.) which we offer here on USB Flash Drive. Totally portable to any device capable of reading a Flash Drive, you will enjoy hours of teachings on the subject at hand.

    Our price of $69.95 includes the USB 2.0 Flash Drive and Mailing Cost.
    Titles include: (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
    #01 Intro – The End Of The 70 Weeks
    #02 The End Of The 70 Weeks -Dan 2-Dan 9
    #03 The End Of The 70 Weeks – Looking at Dan 7
    #04 Comparing Daniel 9 and Daniel 12
    #05 Finishing The Transgression-Part 1
    #06 Finishing The Transgression-Part 2
    #07 Putting Away Sin Part 1
    #08 Putting Away Sin Part 2
    #09 Making Atonement
    #10 Seventy Weeks – Resurrection
    #11 The Feast Days Part 1
    #12 Israel’s Feast Days Part 2
    #13 Bringing In Everlasting Righteousness
    #14 The Gap Part 1
    #15 The Gap Part 2
    #16 To Seal Vision Part 1
    #17 To Seal Vision Part 2
    #18 To Anoint The Most Holy Part 1
    #19 To Anoint The Most Holy Part 2
    #20 Antiochus – Conclusion
    #21 Summary
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    The Last Enemy & The Triumph of Christ Can God Tell Time - Don K. Preston

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