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  • 51 Lesson Series – Remastered

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  • This Mp3 Disc (CD) contains 16 Lessons by Don K. Preston.
    You will thoroughly enjoy these educational lessons.

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  • Hosea is one of the most poignant of all the O.T. prophetic books, and is tremendously significant for understanding much of the New Testament. Yet, sadly, many Bible students are not familiar with this great book
    In this 30 lesson series, Don K. Preston shares the touching prophetic message of Hosea, showing how it is foundational for Jesus’ ministry, and incredibly, in an unprecedented presentation, Preston shows that Hosea is Paul’s “working outline” for his extended discussion of the resurrection! This material is absolutely fascinating, thought provoking, and convincing! You will not find this material anywhere else!

    30 Lessons of Hosea and the Resurrection available

    Lectures: 30 Lessons + Introduction = 31
    Publisher: JaDon Productions
    Language: English
    Price: $24.95

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  • Like Father Like Son - On Clouds of Glory

    Now for only $24.95 you can discover the truth about the nature of the return of Christ as narrated by Don K. Preston. Was it supposed to be with a physical body, returning on literal clouds, to return to planet earth to rule on a new physical throne? Discover why the answer is a resounding NO!

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