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  • 1 Peter is saturated with the verbiage, the themes and the motifs of Daniel 9:24-27. And if that is true- and it is- it means that the eschatological consummation being anticipated by Peter, i.e. the resurrection, was truly, objectively imminent when Peter wrote!

    Don Preston presents this series of 1st Peter in a clear and concise way – though not exhaustive.

    Series Titles:

    01 – Who Did Peter Write To?

    02 – Prophetic Hermeneutic Part 1

    03 – Prophetic Hermeneutic Part 2

    04 – 1 Peter-Daniel 9 and Dispensationalism Part 1

    05 – 1 Peter-Daniel 9 and Dispensationalism Part 2

    06 – The Eternal Resurrection Promise

    07 – The Tribulation and the Resurrection Part 1

    08 – The Tribulation and the Resurrection Part 2

    09 – Messianic Woes

    10 – Romancing the Stone – The Rejected Corner Stone

    11 – The Messianic Temple

    12 – The Glory Revealed

    13 – The Sufferings of Christ Part 1

    14 – The Sufferings of Christ Part 2

    15 – A Comparative Study of Peter and Revelation

    16 – Peter Revelation and the Millennium

    17 – Parallels Between 1 Peter and 2 Peter

    18 – 1 Peter and the Fulfillment of Prophecy

    19 – Comparison of 1 Cor 15 The Resurrection and 1 Peter

    20 – The Imminence of the End


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  • John The Baptizer - DVD

    John the Baptizer is one of the most significant, yet overlooked eschatological figures in the NT! He was– according to Jesus– the fulfillment of the OT prophecies of the coming of Elijah! He was “the Voice” crying in the wilderness. He was “the Messenger” sent to prepare for the coming of the Lord in judgment!

    What relationship does John the Baptizer have with the end of the Mosaic Law? Everything! In this video I show that it is critical to understand John’s message as the Messenger proclaiming the coming Great and Terrible Day of the Lord– in application of Mosaic Covenant Wrath. Powerful stuff here!

    John the Baptizer was the Messenger to prepare for the coming of the Lord in judgment. Of course, the Day of Judgment is the climax of the last days. That means that John’s mission was in the last days! John’s ministry helps us positively identify the last days.

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  • Visits: 308The “preterist” (meaning “fulfilled”) view of the Bible prophecy is the fastest growing view of “last things” (eschatology). Dr. Preston does not believe that we are in the last days, or that the Christian age will ever end. Steve Gregg believes that time and the Christian age will end one day in the future. …

    Preston/Gregg Debate DVD Digital DownloadRead More

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  • When Did – Or Will- The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 Come to an End?
    Don K. Preston (D. Div.)

    Don has produced 21, mp4 video lectures (42 min. length avg.) which we offer here as a Download. Download as a complete file of 21 videos PLUS Closed Caption Files. You will enjoy hours of teachings on the subject at hand.
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    Titles include:includes closed captions (Satisfaction Guaranteed)
    #01 Intro – The End Of The 70 Weeks
    #02 The End Of The 70 Weeks -Dan 2-Dan 9
    #03 The End Of The 70 Weeks – Looking at Dan 7
    #04 Comparing Daniel 9 and Daniel 12
    #05 Finishing The Transgression-Part 1
    #06 Finishing The Transgression-Part 2
    #07 Putting Away Sin Part 1
    #08 Putting Away Sin Part 2
    #09 Making Atonement
    #10 Seventy Weeks – Resurrection
    #11 The Feast Days Part 1
    #12 Israel’s Feast Days Part 2
    #13 Bringing In Everlasting Righteousness
    #14 The Gap Part 1
    #15 The Gap Part 2
    #16 To Seal Vision Part 1
    #17 To Seal Vision Part 2
    #18 To Anoint The Most Holy Part 1
    #19 To Anoint The Most Holy Part 2
    #20 Antiochus – Conclusion
    #21 Summary

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    This six part study is one of the most distinctive, effective teaching tools you could have. It powerfully responds to virtually every millennial claims about the land, and gives book-chapter-verse, to show that the millennial paradigm is false. God was faithful; He kept His promises!

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  • This product is a Mp4 video download with 8 Files at 9.5 GB

    On June 30, 2002, Don K. Preston debated Thomas Ice, co-founder with Tim LaHaye, of the Pre-Trib Research Center, and Adjunct Professor at Liberty University. Topic of the debate was: The Great Commission: Fulfillment Past or Future?

    The debate was hosted by the late John Anderson of Lighthouse Ministries, and was carried on Anderson’s ” Voice of Reason” radio show, on the Genesis Network, now defunct

    During the debate, discussion turned to the so-called gap between the 69th and 70th week of Daniel 9. You will find Preston’s comments to be thought provoking.

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  • Visits: 31A Special 13 Week Study of the Book of Malachi Malachi was the last OT Prophet of the Bible. He foretold the coming of Elijah before the coming of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. He plays an incredibly important role in NT eschatology, a role that is commonly overlooked. In this …

    Video Study of Malachi – 13 lessons – DownloadRead More

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