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Book ads for March and April

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  • Amillennialists and Postmillennialists admit that AD 70 was an “end of the age” judgment coming of Christ. However, they claim that AD 70 was simply a foreshadowing, or type of the real end of the age, the end of human history. In this unprecedented book, prolific author Don K. Preston (D. Div.) thoroughly and completely examines and refutes this idea. Preston shows, with careful exegesis, sound hermeneutic, and persuasive logic, that AD 70 was not a foreshadowing of the real end, but was, in fact, the “final” end of the age.

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  • Learn the real truth about the “Battle of Armageddon.” $4.95
    Armageddon, just the word strikes fear into the hearts of many people. It is the final ultimate conflict. Is it just around the corner, or is it already in the past? Thanks to the Left Behind books, millions of honest believers are convinced that Armageddon is near! Even American presidents have stated their belief that we are the Armageddon generation!

    In this power packed, easy reading new book, Don K. Preston completely dispels the Left Behind, Armageddon theology, and shows that the “final conflict” occurred in the first century. Preston produces irrefutable, clear cut statements of scripture to prove his case. If you want solid, undeniable evidence about Armageddon, and confidence for the future, then you need Blast From the Past: The Truth About Armageddon!

    40 pages, paperback

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  • Now for only $19.95 you can discover the truth about the nature of the return of Christ. Was it supposed to be with a physical body, returning on literal clouds, to return to planet earth to rule on a new physical throne? Discover why the answer is a resounding NO!

    This book qualifies for our Beginner in Preterism series.

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  • Dispensationalism insists that the calling of the Gentiles into the Body of Christ was never a part of God’s original plan for Israel and the kingdom. It was never foretold by Israel’s prophets. We are told that the Jewish rejection of the kingdom offer resulted in the postponement of God’s dealings with Israel. At the rapture, God will remove the church from the earth and resume His exclusive dealings with Israel. We are told that the promises of God to Israel were not God’s promises to the Gentiles in the church and that it is critical to keep the two entities separate.

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