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  • AD 70 A Shadow of the Real End – Regularly $17.95 plus $4.95 postage


    Elijah Has Come: A Solution to Romans 11:25-27– Regularly $18.95  plus $4.95 postage


    Free copy of Can You Believe Jesus Said This?

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  • One of the most common arguments in support of the doctrine of a physical resurrection is that Paul said he was a Pharisee. The Pharisees believed in physical resurrection, therefore, Paul must have believed in physical resurrection. Sounds logical, right? But, the argument is fatally flawed. Ask yourself: Why Did the Pharisees want to kill Paul for his doctrine of the Resurrection, if they believed in the resurrection like he did? In other words,

    If Paul and the Pharisees were in full agreement on the doctrine of the resurrection, why did they turn on him and seek to kill him for his doctrine of the resurrection? Just as the Pharisees initially welcomed Jesus’ message of the kingdom, they initially welcomed Paul’s affirmation of belief in the resurrection. So, why did the Jews turn on both Jesus and kill him and then seek to kill Paul? Do you kill someone for teaching what you do?

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    Do you consider yourself a beginner to Preterism? Or at least one who would like a little refresher course in the basics of Preterism?
    Don has just what you need to help you along in those areas.

    We have grouped together 6 books for beginners and for refreshing your basic knowledge; and all for a reduced price in this grouping.

    15% Beginner Series Discount
    Last Days Identified


    15% Beginner Series Discount
    Can God Tell Time


    15% Beginner Series Discount
    Can You Believe Jesus Said This


    15% Beginner Series Discount
    Have Heaven and Earth Passed Away


    15% Beginner Series Discount
    In Flaming Fire


    15% Beginner Series Discount
    Like Father Like Son – On Clouds of Glory


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  • The book of Daniel, specifically Daniel 7:13-14 serves as a critical text for understanding Biblical eschatology. In this, his second book, Dan Dery provides the reader with an outstanding analysis of the NT application of Daniel, and other Old Testament Messianic prophecies. With clarity of logic, solid exegesis and great insights, Dery guides the reader on a marvelous journey of discovery regarding the end times. This book will bring tremendous understanding of the historically troubling predictions of Jesus and his apostles that the “end”, Christ’s coming and the judgment were to be in the first century. That “Gordian Knot” is easily and convincingly sliced! You will be pleased with this book!

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  • This book is an attempt to start from the basics in the study of eschatology (end time events). What did Jesus and his apostles mean when they says that the coming of the Lord “is at hand.” And what practical advice did they have for their audiences when they pressed the urgency and imminence of the Lord’s coming and the judgment? This book is an examination of the terminology, and a catalog of the various types of time statements found in the New Testament, as well as a commentary on critical issues of eschatology.

    Chances are, you will be amazed at how pervasive, how widespread, how emphatic and undeniable all of the time statements in the NT truly are!

    A must have book for any study of eschatology!

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  • Hits: 598Get this 3-volume set for a special reduced price good through March 1st, 2019. Regular price is 61.85 plus shipping, now yours for this limited time for only 51.95 plus Shipping. Take advantage of this special offer while the offer lasts. Ends March 1st, 2019

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  • Were Jesus’ Apostles Confused?

    Did you know that the entire futurist view of eschatology, the end times, is dependent on the claim that Jesus’ apostles were a collective group of confused and ignorant men?

    In Matthew 24:2 Jesus predicted the impending destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. The apostles – as almost all commentators claim – conflated that event with the end of the Christian age. But, they were confused, we are told. In their confusion they asked: “Tell us, when shall these things be, and what shall be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?”

    The great question is: Were the apostles as confused as the commentators claim? To put it another way, was there a legitimate, Scriptural connection between the Day of the Lord and the destruction of  the Temple. It may well surprise – and challenge – you, to realize that the Bible makes that connection firm and undeniable! That means that it was not Jesus’ apostles that were confused about Christ’s coming and the end of the age. It is the modern commentators who ascribe ignorance to them.

    To my knowledge, there is not another book quite like this one. Personally, I once held to the “confused apostles” view. However, the abundant and clear evidence forced me to come to the conclusion, very firmly, that I was the one that had been confused for all of those years. I hope this book will bring clarity for you, as the wide array of evidence has for me. Once a person understands that the apostles were not confused, that reality changes everything!

    Don K. Preston (D. Div.).

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