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Lecture # 1 Don Preston Messianic Woes
Lecture # 2 Don Preston The Temple
Lecture # 3 Don Preston The Transfiguration
Lecture # 4 Kratt – The Heavens and Earth
Lecture # 5 Kratt – Salvation of the Soul
Lecture # 6 Larry Siegle 1st and 2nd Peter
Lecture # 7 Larry Siegle Suffering to Glory
Lecture # 8 Larry Siegle So What
Lecture # 9 Davis B. Curtis Who’s My Neighbor
Lecture # 10 David B. Curtis Understanding Scripture
Lecture # 11 The Millennium Part 1 William Bell
Lecture # 12 The Millennium Part 2 William Bell
Lecture # 13 What It Means Today William Bell

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The annual PPW Conference in 2010 included some truly amazing lectures on the significance of 1 and 2 Peter as it relates to eschatology. Set within a context of intense persecution, both epistles promised relief and reward from tha persecution, and fulfillment of the Old Testament prophetic hope, at the soon coming parousia of Jesus.
Included in the lectures are important issues related to the dating of Peters’ epistles, in addition to a very important study on the “Temple” being “built up as living stones” within Peters’ 1st letter. Also, Don briefly tackles the issues in 2nd Peter 3 to show the problems with futurist claims of “a day is as a thousand years,” and also how the language found within this chapter is highly convenantal, and not cosmic, earth burning language!
Speakers include Jarel Kratt, David Curtis, William Bell, Larry Siegle, and Don K. Preston.

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