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Mp3 Audio: (Passing of Torah at the Cross or Ad70?).
Speakers: Tony Denton, Rod MacArthur, Larry Siegle, William Bell, Jack Scott, Don Preston.—- This topic is of tremendous importance. All futurist eschatologies claim that the Law of Moses ended at the Cross. Yet, they then turn and appeal to the Law of Moses for their futurist eschatology! To say the least, this is a huge self-contradiction. All futurist eschatologies poist eschatalogical fulfillment at the end of the Christian age. This critical oversight and distortion of the Biblical truth on the part of futurist eschatologies lies at the root of most of the confusion in modern day eschatological discussions. Lamentably, others claim that the Lae of Moses ended at the Cross. But that the Mosaic age ended in AD70! However, there can be no age without the Law in which the Old Covenant still exists! Thus, if Torah ended at the Cross, then the Mosaic age ended at the Cross, and that demands an eschatological fulfillment divorced from Israel — and this is eminently un-Biblical!
Speakers include: Tony Denton – Torah and Hebrews. Rod MacArthur – The Song of Moses and the end of Torah. Larry Siegle – The Last Days Work of the Spirit in Covenant Transformation. William Bell – Colossians 2:16f and Romans 10:4 – Christ is the end of the Law – Does Paul say that Torah was nailed to the Cross? Jack Scott – End of the Law. Don K. Preston – Israel’s Festal Calendar and the End of Torah, and, The Sabbath and the End of Torah.
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