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Have you ever wondered how Biblical prophecy impacts the Genesis debate? Curious about how Intelligent Design Theory reconciles with Biblical theology? Want to see a powerful approach that is already causing many to walk away from young-earth creationism? How about a close look at a topic that is dividing international young-earth creationist organizations behind closed doors?

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When Tim Martin and Jeff Vaughn introduced this book a few years back, it caused a firestorm of discussion. When they asked me to review the book, since I, like so many others, had and continue to have many questions about the Genesis creation narrative, I was happy to read what they had to say.
While I remain unconvinced of their major thesis, as I said in my review then, I also remain convinced that they have raised many serious, challenging, worthwhile  and important questions that all serious Bible students should be willing to grapple with.
To me, one of the most perspicacious issues raised by Martin / Vaughn is the issue of hermeneutic. Proper hermeneutic is the key to all understanding of Scriptures, and repeatedly Martin / Vaughn raise this issue and illustrate how a consistent approach challenges traditional understandings. This may well be the most challenging issue in the entire book.
 One (intriguing!) issue is the development of the idea that the Noahic Flood should be seen as a judgment on the seed of Seth, i.e. the “chosen seed” that had apostatized! The implications of this, although not fully developed in the book, are incredible, and need more “fleshing out.” (Think 2 Peter 3!!!)
Yet another, almost humorous but nonetheless important tidbit, is in the consideration of “the curse.” Martin / Vaughn show that modern concepts of the curse of Creation flies in the face — of all things- of what the Bible says about the Ostrich! Yes, the Ostrich! Fun stuff here!
If you, like me and countless other believers, continue to have questions about the Genesis story, be assured that this book will challenge you. Like me, you may not be totally convinced. Nonetheless, you will have at your disposal a reference source that you can continue to lay side by side with Scripture, to consider and ponder. This is the joy and responsibility of all believers!
So, I am offering a few remaining copies of Beyond Creation Science to our visitors. These things have been bringing well over $100.00 each on Ebay. But I have been afforded the opportunity to offer some of the last remaining inventory from Martin / Vaughn, and am offering them to our visitors.
Again, the available supply is very limited, so take advantage of it while it lasts! /
Don K. Preston D.Div.


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