Can You Believe Jesus Said This?


SOME OF JESUS’ MOST CHALLENGING WORDS! Jesus’ prediction of his coming in judgment and the kingdom,recorded in Matthew 16:27-28 are some of the most challenging words to ever come from the Master’s lips. Why? Because he said he was coming in the lifetime of that audience that was standing there at that moment! DID JESUS FULFILL THAT PROMISE, OR DID HE FAIL? Skeptics, the Jews, and the Muslims say Jesus failed, and consequently, he cannot be the Son of God, and the Bible is not inspired. This is a serious problem, that has plagued the church for literally two millennia!

Unfortunately, the tradition responses are not solid, contextual answers based on the text, and the skeptics know it! There has to be a better answer! What is the answer? Is there an answer that maintains faith in Jesus, and the inspiration of Scripture? Yes!! Jesus kept his word! Jesus did come in judgment and the kingdom, in the lifetime of that first century generation! Can You Believe, gives positive, contextual, irrefutable proof that Jesus did not fail, and that the Bible’s predictions can be trusted. This book will equip you to give an answer to those who call Jesus a failure!

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