Christianity’s Great Dilemma


John Glen Hill as he takes you through the major dilemma facing the modern church; unfulfilled prophecy and failed predictions by modern teachers. For only $12.95, Glenn dispels the myths taught by many in the modern churches today, and explains a number of topics to show why prophecy is in fact fulfilled, and not as modern teachers would have you believe.

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Have you ever wondered what is delaying the return of Jesus-why He does not appear now to rapture His church and destroy this wicked world? Do you ever ponder about how very long you have been promised that “Jesus is coming soon,” but He has not? If so, then Christianity’s Great Dilemma may be the most unusual, interesting, and perhaps enlightening Second Coming prophecy book you will ever read! For most of my fifty of years preaching I taught that Jesus’ Second Coming was near, so near that I expected to live to see the Advent. The ministers I listened to as a boy had the same message and expectation, but they died without seeing Jesus.

Most ministers of the past hundred years have proclaimed that “Jesus is coming soon,” but He has not returned. Do you ever wonder why? Modern-day prophets have kept us in great anticipation as they predicted the imminent coming of the antichrist, along with the great tribulation, rapture, end of the world, end of time, and Armageddon. Do you ever consider that decades pass, and one century ends and another begins, yet NONE of these prophecies come to pass? Recall Y2K. As the year 2000 approached, preachers made many predictions; and NOTHING happened! How embarrassing to Christianity! Could something be wrong with our message?

In my book you will find the answers to these troubling questions! The answers are not some imaginary or hypothetical solutions, or some invisible and intangible possibilities. The answers are firmly and solidly based on the Scriptures! How did I miss them for most of my life? Christianity’s Great Dilemma is a MUST-READ BOOK for every studious, thoughtful, and sincere Christian! I humbly invite you to read it. I promise that you will find it honest, unique, interesting, and even challenging. And your walk with Jesus will never be the same!

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