Circumcision In The New Creation?


Circumcision – In the New Creation?: Re-Examining the Question of “No Marrying and Giving in Marriage” in the Age to Come – In Light of the Subject of Circumcision

Why would anyone write a book on circumcision today? Well, why would anyone write a book on the New Creation? Few would doubt the importance of the latter subject to eschatology, but few, unfortunately, seem to recognize the direct connection between the subject of circumcision and the New Creation. For Paul and the NT writers, that connection was incredibly important! In fact, Paul’s teaching on circumcision and the New Covenant was called “the offense of the cross”! The reality is that the doctrines of justification by faith, grace, the passing of the Law of Moses, and the questions concerning marriage in the New Creation, are all connected – inextricably so– to the doctrine of circumcision. This book may well cover “new ground” for you. It is truly a ground breaking book to be sure! It may challenge you! But I think it may well open vistas of investigation that will lead to a greater appreciation of the work of Christ.

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