Essays on Eschatology


Join Sam Dawson as he takes you through a gambit of topics related to eschatology and last things. Only $24.95 for this 500+ page book!

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Eschatology, the study of last things, is concerned with time. Futurists believe that much of eschatology is still future. Because of the imminence statements in the gospels and epistles, preterists (including the author) believe all of the last things (the return of Christ, the judgment, and the resurrection) were all fulfilled in Jesus’ generation. This volume deals with the importance of time to God and His faithfulness in fulfillment of prophecies concerning time. Major topics discussed are the Olivet Discourse, II Peter 3, and Paul’s preaching and teaching on the resurrection. One major section of this book deals with the afterlife: Hell, the Rich Man & Lazarus, and immortality. Another deals with the faithless foundation of dispensational premillennialism. A last collection of topics includes The Importance of the Old Testament to Christians, Zionism, and Frequently-Asked Questions.

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