Exegetical Essays on The Resurrection


Explore the exegetical arguments for the Covenant Body view of the resurrection, which dispels any idea of a future, physical body resurrection which so many Christians today expect and hope for.

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The resurrection of the dead is one of the most controversial, emotionally charged and misunderstood Biblical doctrines. This was true in Jesus’ day; it is true today. Many insist that we must read the Biblical prophecies of the resurrection with a Webster’s Dictionary in hand to help us define the terms used to describe that event. We don’t need any help to understand that the resurrection is about dead human corpses rising from the dirt….or do we? In this challenging, scholarly work, Sam Frost boldly challenges the prevailing traditions concerning the resurrection. He does so with respect for the world’s best scholarship. In fact, he utilizes that scholarship to help prove his case that the Biblical doctrine of the resurrection is not about the raising of human corpses out of the dirt! With careful exegesis and logical acuity, Frost begins where many scholars seldom go. Rudolf Bultmann claimed that for modern readers of the Bible, the story of Israel and her promises was a closed book, having nothing to offer! Frost on the other hand, demonstrates, irrefutably, that understanding the resurrection within the context and framework of God’s promises to Israel is the indispensable key to understanding the resurrection. Failure to honor this key element guarantees the mis-interpretation of the resurrection! This book changes everything! It changes our understanding of the nature and the timing of the resurrection. This book restores the “missing link” for proper understanding of the resurrection. Make no mistake, this book will challenge you. But, as Frost shows, more and more scholars are now coming to many of the same conclusions, and the Biblical evidence is leading the way for a much needed re-examination of the doctrine of the resurrection.

  • Paperback: 154 pages
  • Publisher: JaDon Management (2010)
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