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God’s Promise of Redemption


Now for only $12.95, join Rob in his journey through the Book of Revelation and Covenant Eschatology as he provides insight into the meaning of “the end of the age.”


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After man disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, God gave his promise that he would provide a redeemer. That redeemer was his Son. But when Jesus came to the earth, he was so hated by the religious leaders that they murdered him. Jesus told his disciples he would return in that same generation. But many critics have said that Jesus was wrong. Some have even called him a false prophet. But is that true? If it is, how can we be sure that any of these promises are true? This book shows how Jesus kept every one of his promises, and fulfilled all of his prophecies. It shows why we can put our complete trust in him, and that God’s promise of redemption is undeniable.