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John the Baptizer is one of the most significant, yet overlooked eschatological figures in the NT! He was– according to Jesus– the fulfillment of the OT prophecies of the coming of Elijah! He was “the Voice” crying in the wilderness. He was “the Messenger” sent to prepare for the coming of the Lord in judgment!

What relationship does John the Baptizer have with the end of the Mosaic Law? Everything! In this video I show that it is critical to understand John’s message as the Messenger proclaiming the coming Great and Terrible Day of the Lord– in application of Mosaic Covenant Wrath. Powerful stuff here!

John the Baptizer was the Messenger to prepare for the coming of the Lord in judgment. Of course, the Day of Judgment is the climax of the last days. That means that John’s mission was in the last days! John’s ministry helps us positively identify the last days.

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