Paul On Trial – Paul, The Pharisees and Resurrection


One of the most common arguments in support of the doctrine of a physical resurrection is that Paul said he was a Pharisee. The Pharisees believed in physical resurrection, therefore, Paul must have believed in physical resurrection. Sounds logical, right? But, the argument is fatally flawed. Ask yourself: Why Did the Pharisees want to kill Paul for his doctrine of the Resurrection, if they believed in the resurrection like he did? In other words,

If Paul and the Pharisees were in full agreement on the doctrine of the resurrection, why did they turn on him and seek to kill him for his doctrine of the resurrection? Just as the Pharisees initially welcomed Jesus’ message of the kingdom, they initially welcomed Paul’s affirmation of belief in the resurrection. So, why did the Jews turn on both Jesus and kill him and then seek to kill Paul? Do you kill someone for teaching what you do?

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