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Experience the Fun, Intellectual Challenge and Practical Benefits of Learning Covenant Eschatology

A Value of Over $80.00

Study Covenant Eschatology:

Presented by Don K. Preston, including 2 full debates Dr. Preston has had with well known names of Dispensationalism and Amillennialism
Whether you are new to preterism or have experienced the view first hand there is much depth yet to learn and believe.
You’ll get “under the hood” as you progress through the the lectures and debates recorded throughout the last 20 years.
We have created a special online location for subscribers to this Group 2 of Video in a collections that is organized in an easy to use virtual classroom of Covenant Eschatological Content.
Once you make your purchase you will be sent the login location link and the password required to access your Online set of “Instant Videos”. Your access is ad free and you are free to access your purchase as often as you like.
Watch at your own pace and pleasure.
Your main teacher, Don K. Preston, is excited to finally offer this compilation through what we call the PRI Passport to Learning.
Scroll down to see the titles of the content in this series.

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Defining The Day of the Lord Mp4


Ezekiel – The Gog Magog War Mp4


Ice vs Preston Debate Mp4


John The Baptizer Mp4


Don Preston-v-Steve Gregg Debate Mp4


The Land Promises To Israel Mp4


* Though the online version is virtually identical to the Flash Drive version the only exception is the accessibility to the single audio/video files. On the Flash Drive the single audio/video files are on the Flash Drive and therefore are accessible while the storage online of these files have been limited and thus inaccessible.


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