Resurrection Feast Fulfilled Torah to Telos Vol 4

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Don K. Preston is pleased to offer his newly released book, Resurrection Feast Fulfilled Torah to Telos Vol 4.


1 review for Resurrection Feast Fulfilled Torah to Telos Vol 4

  1. Gianmarco Russo (verified owner)

    Brilliant! This book is truly Don’s magnum opus. I have such a deeper and biblical understanding for all that Jesus has done to usher in the new age. Understanding Israel’s last feast days is so vital and important to really catch the power of the New Covenant age that we now live in. As Westerners, we are so disconnected from Hebraic thought, customs and way of life that we have a poor understanding of the Scriptures and have come up with all sorts of unbiblical doctrines. Hypocritically, we also have no problem admitting that Christ fulfilled the first 4 feast days but are blinded to see the fulfillment of the last 3.
    Dr. Preston has done a phenomenal job in this exciting study in connecting the missing dots and to give the reader the knowledge and insights to comprehend the minds of the Apostles and of our Lord and the fulfillment of all the Scriptures in the 1st century. The Feast Days were a type and shadow of the reality that us Christians in this new heaven and earth enjoy.
    If you’re skeptical to Preterism I highly recommend reading this book, it will completely change your eschatological paradigms!

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