The Charismatic Gift of Prophecy


Explore the evidence for the cessationist view of the charismata, which shows why the revelatory and charismatic gifts were temporary, and fulfilled in the first century. For only $15.95!
This work analyzes charismatic claims to continuing prophetic revelation today. It does so by considering key charismatic texts in the New Testament. It shows by careful analysis of charismatic arguments that the gift of prophecy in the Apostolic church involved inspired revelation and that the gift ceased with the closing of the canon. It provides a special analysis of and rebuttal to the major arguments in Wayne Grudem’s important work, “The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today.”

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The miraculous gifts of the Spirit empowered the early church to victory. Divinely inspired apostles, prophets, evangelists and teachers, were moved by that Spirit to write God’s Words. Their work resulted in the book we call the Bible.

Does the Spirit still empower and inspire men in the church today? Do we still see the charismata, the miraculous gifts of the Spirit, at work? Some say yes. Partial preterist Kenneth Gentry says no. He affirms that the office of inspired men was “revelatory and temporary.” While I feel that Gentry’s futurism has shaded some of his arguments, nonetheless, he has marshaled a good bit of exegetical material that is very useful.

In this book, Gentry engages some of the claims for the continuation of the charismata and refutes them.

While this book was written to some degree with the Reformed community in mind, since Gentry engages Reformed Charismatic claims, the book nonetheless contains a wealth of information that is helpful to all.

For a sane, calm, scholarly presentation of the “cessationist” view of the charismata, this is a very good book.

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