The End of the Law Volume I


Few Bible students seem to be aware of the absolute necessity for the total fulfillment of the Law of Moses before it could pass. Most claim that Torah ended at the Cross. Jesus said that until every jot and every tittle of Torah was fully accomplished, not one iota of the Law would pass. But, the Law of Moses foretold the second coming of Christ and the resurrection! What this means is that Torah would endure until the Telos (the time of the end). In this first of a planned multi-volume series on the passing of the Law of Moses, Don K. Preston examines Matthew 5:17-18 in great detail, demonstrating the power and the implications of Jesus’ words “not one jot or one tittle shall pass from the law, until it is all fulfilled.” This book will drastically change the way you look at the Law of Moses and the doctrine of the end times!


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