The End Of The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel 9 – on mp3 Audio Download


When Did – Or Will- The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 Come to an End?
Don K. Preston (D. Div.)

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Titles include:
#01 Intro – The End Of The 70 Weeks
#02 The End Of The 70 Weeks -Dan 2-Dan 9
#03 The End Of The 70 Weeks – Looking at Dan 7
#04 Comparing Daniel 9 and Daniel 12
#05 Finishing The Transgression-Part 1
#06 Finishing The Transgression-Part 2
#07 Putting Away Sin Part 1
#08 Putting Away Sin Part 2
#09 Making Atonement
#10 Seventy Weeks – Resurrection
#11 The Feast Days Part 1
#12 Israel’s Feast Days Part 2
#13 Bringing In Everlasting Righteousness
#14 The Gap Part 1
#15 The Gap Part 2
#16 To Seal Vision Part 1
#17 To Seal Vision Part 2
#18 To Anoint The Most Holy Part 1
#19 To Anoint The Most Holy Part 2
#20 Antiochus – Conclusion
#21 Summary

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When Did – Or Will- The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 Come to an End?
Don K. Preston (D. Div.)
Daniel 9:24f has been called one of the most important prophecies of the Bible, and with good reason. The NT writers, following the example of Jesus, echoed this marvelous prophecy in their predictions of the time of the end. And Daniel did predict the time of the end! Properly understood, the exilic prophet foretold the time of the fulfillment of all prophecy, the making of the consummate Atonement, the resurrection and New Creation.

Skeptics, beginning with Porphyry, have long denied that Daniel 9 was a Messianic prophecy but was instead a ex eventu “prophecy” of the horrible times of Antiochus Epiphanes.

In this amazing, unprecedented study, prolific author Don K. Preston (D. Div.) examines each of the constituent elements of Daniel 9:24 and shows with powerful documentation that Daniel did predict the work of Jesus- and was fulfilled by him. With devastating logical analysis Preston shows that Daniel 9 was not about Antiochus, but about Jesus, Messiah and Savior! Not only that, but Preston shows that the Amillennial and Postmillennial claim that the seventh week ended in AD 34-35 finds no Biblical support.

In addition, Preston examines the Dispensational claim that there is a gap, of so far 2000 years, between the 69th Week and the 70th Week. In three powerful videos, Preston completely dismantles that claim and proves that Daniel 9- all of it- was fulfilled in the first century. The kingdom was established, Christ came, the New Creation arrived!

This is the most thorough exegesis of Daniel 9 from the full preterist (Fulfilled) view that has been produced. With wonderful textual, historical, logical presentation, Preston shows that the entirety of Daniel 9 was finally fulfilled in the catastrophic destruction of the city and the sanctuary of Jerusalem in AD 70. You will literally not find another production like this! If you want to dig deeper and find the truth about Daniel 9:24f you absolutely MUST have this series in your library!


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