These Are the Days When All Things Must Be Fulfilled


In Luke 21:22, in the midst of his discussion of the coming desolation of Jerusalem and the temple, Jesus said: “These be the days of  Vengeance in which all things that are written must be fulfilled.” Was Jesus actually saying that all prophecy would be fulfilled by the time of Jerusalem’s destruction? We are told that this can’t be! But, can it be true after all?
In this probing and challenging book, prolific author, debater and lecturer, Don K. Preston dives deep into Jesus’ words. He shows, with prodigious amounts of evidence, that Jesus was indeed predicting that all Bible prophecies of the end times were to be- and were- fulfilled in the AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.
Preston’s examination of the language of the Days of Vengeance, as used consistently throughout scripture, shows definitively that Jesus was not speaking of an end of time day of the Lord, but, he was assuredly saying that the Days of  Vengeance did refer to the Day of the Lord!
This book covers such topics as the Times of the Gentiles, the last days, the nature of the parousia, and a host of other inter-related and important subjects.
There is not another book like this that focuses on such a deep dive into the meaning of: “these be the Days of Vengeance in which all things written must be fulfilled.”
This book may well change your entire view of Biblical Eschatology, the last days, the Day of the Lord! You owe it to yourself to read this book!


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