Watching For The Parousia, were Jesus’ Apostle’ Confused?

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Were Jesus’ Apostles Confused?

Did you know that the entire futurist view of eschatology, the end times, is dependent on the claim that Jesus’ apostles were a collective group of confused and ignorant men?

In Matthew 24:2 Jesus predicted the impending destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. The apostles – as almost all commentators claim – conflated that event with the end of the Christian age. But, they were confused, we are told. In their confusion they asked: “Tell us, when shall these things be, and what shall be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?”

The great question is: Were the apostles as confused as the commentators claim? To put it another way, was there a legitimate, Scriptural connection between the Day of the Lord and the destruction of  the Temple. It may well surprise – and challenge – you, to realize that the Bible makes that connection firm and undeniable! That means that it was not Jesus’ apostles that were confused about Christ’s coming and the end of the age. It is the modern commentators who ascribe ignorance to them.

To my knowledge, there is not another book quite like this one. Personally, I once held to the “confused apostles” view. However, the abundant and clear evidence forced me to come to the conclusion, very firmly, that I was the one that had been confused for all of those years. I hope this book will bring clarity for you, as the wide array of evidence has for me. Once a person understands that the apostles were not confused, that reality changes everything!

Don K. Preston (D. Div.).

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3 reviews for Watching For The Parousia, were Jesus’ Apostle’ Confused?

  1. Robert Dent

    I’m glad for the stand Don takes in this book for JESUS and the disciples AMEN for the sample I have read on Kindle , looking forward to reading the whole book

  2. Jimmy & Betty Jane

    We are pleased to order another book by Mr. PRESTON, excited to read it! He is amazing with the task of critically interpreting the biblical text to discover its intended meaning. TRUTH MATTERS AND THE TRUTH IS NOT FOUND IN MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANITY REGARDING THE RETURN OF OUR LORD JESUS! Amen

  3. Rod and Connie

    Written in a style well known to those familiar with Don Preston; this new book will not disappoint.
    Don asks a question many of us have pondered through our studies. “Parousia – Were Jesus’ disciples confused?” We have been taught that they were confused, yet we know the disciples walked with Jesus throughout his ministry. Jesus spoke to them of the Kingdom for 40 days after his resurrection. Were they still confused?
    Although many have formed an opinion, most have never taken the time to link the passages that support any opinion. Don has completed the search and he leads us through passages in Deuteronomy, Ezekiel, Matthew, Acts and Revelation. Don weaves scripture together to clearly reveal that the disciples were not confused, and Jesus did not lie or seek to confuse his beloved disciples.
    You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to understand this study. Grab your Bible and work your way through this book so you can answer the question for yourself, “Parousia, were the disciples confused?”

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